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True Accounts from GTS students...

Sunday July 28, 2013

Ok, True story. Weird thing happened last evening around 7:30pm. I was out in the barn feeding horses, and some guy pulls up in my driveway....

 Me-I come out of the barn, "Can I help you?"

 Strange guy-"Do you have any livestock?"

 Me...Hmmm, how do I answer that, horses aren't technically livestock, but answer, "I have horses."

Strange guy- "Do you want any rope?"

 Me- "No".

 Strange guy-"Well, I have some rope and just thought you could use it. You can have it".

 Me-"I don't need any rope."

 Strange guy-"Well how about if I show it to you. My company uses this rope and just throws it away." -Ok...mind you, this man was over 6ft tall, later 40's and looked like he worked for a low end construction crew...not exactly a suit and tie sort of dude. AND, when he takes the rope out of his's in a Wal-Mart bag.

 Me- After seeing the rope in a Wal-Mart bag (and I was keeping a large distance between he and I)...I thought, "What, he works for Hangman's R Us?" So, I said to the guy..."Really, I don't want any rope."

 Strange guy-Offended says, "I can't believe you have livestock and you don't want any rope." and gets in his truck and leaves.

Me-Thank you Mark Kamas and Guardian Tactical Solutions! I am so glad I took that CCW course with you and have that little LCP!!! You just never know when some weird guy is going to show up on your doorstep wanting to give you rope in a Wal-Mart bag!


GTS Locations

Guardian Tactical Solutions is expanding their training sites. We now have locations in North St. Paul MN, Stillwater, MN, River Falls WI, Grantsburg WI, and Amery WI. 

Private Classes

We have had a lot of inquires on private one on one, two on one, and group classes. GTS is now holding privates classes in all over our new locations. Just contact us via email (at the bottom of this page) or through the Contact Us page on this website. Let us know how many people wish to take the class, what class you would like to take, and what date you would like to hold your class. 

Tactical Classes

We have also expanded our Tactical Classes. Our Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carbine and Tactical Shotgun courses have change to a individual scenario based training segments. With scenario based training student adapts to problem solving more quickly and efficiently.

  • We now have four Tactical Carbine courses to choose from. They are Intro to Tactical Carbine, The Tactical Edge, Vehicle Deployment, and Tactical Teams. 
  • Three Tactical Pistol courses are Intro to Tactical Pistol, Vehicle Deployment, and Tactical Teams
  • Two exciting Tactical Shotgun courses are Intro to Tactical Shotgun and Home Defense