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Guardian Tactical Solutions (GTS) – one of top tier one Firearms Training Academy's and Special Protection service entities in the Midwest. Our instructors have combined over 50 years of training, service, deployments, study and development, collaboration, and instruction within the law enforcement, military, and  security sectors.


News (updated 06/17/2018)

Guardian Tactical Solutions has expanded our training sites to include:

  • DKF Studio - North St. Paul, MN
  • Private Courses - Stillwater, MN
  • C and R Guns - River Falls, WI
  • Grantsburg Gun Range - Grantsburg, WI
  • On Target Sports - Amery, WI
  • TK Guns and Range - Albion and Loretto, NE


Private Classes.  Due to numerous inquiries, GTS is now offering private classes in all our locations.  Classes can be structured as one-on-one, two-on-one, or group.  If interested please contact us via email at info@guardiantactical.net, or through our contact page.  Please include the following details:

  • Number of people
  • Course desired
  • Preferred date(s)


Tactical courses.  We have expanded our tactical courses; Tactical Pistol, Tactical Carbine, and Tactical Shotgun courses have changed to individual scenario-based training segments.  With scenario-based training, students adapt to problem-solving more quickly and efficiently.


2019 Calendar of Courses


January 5    Home Defense Course - DKF Studio, North St. Paul MN

February 2   MN/FL CCW/Renewal class - DKF Studio, North St. Paul MN

February 9   Force on Force DKF Studio, North St. Paul MN

February 17   MN/FL CCW/Renewal class - DKF Studio, North St. Paul MN

Sunday, March 3    WI/FL CCW - Best Western, River Falls WI

Saturday, March 9    Force on Force class - DKF Studio, North St. Paul MN 

Tuesday, March 12  MN CCW Renewal class - DKF Studio, North St. Paul MN

Saturday, April 6    MN/FL CCW/Renewal class - DKF Studio, North St. Paul MN



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